Interview with a white South African city-dweller – (18-04-2018)

En hvid byboer i Sydafrika deler her med os, hvordan det er at være hvid i Sydafrika i dag.

A white city-dweller in South Africa shares with us the experience of being white in South Africa today.

0:00 Velkomst og introduktion af hovedperson.
1:31 Could you tell us about the city you live in?
3:15 What kind of crime goes on?
8:11 The local police.
12:43 Any animosity between the races?
15:43 Unemployment and leaving South Africa.
18:37 Racial consciousness in South Africa.
22:55 Guns in South Africa.
27:58 Traffic, infrastructure and pollution.
33:10 Public utilities, homelessness and healthcare.
38:45 The different white ethnicities in South Africa.
42:06 Apartheid.
46:35 The Indians and the colored in South Africa.
50:27 When Nelson Mandela left office in 1999.
53:29 Why did the whites give up their country?
55:47 How many have left?
1:03:16 What do whites do to improve their situation in South Africa?
1:08:40 Hate speech laws in South Africa.
1:10:20 Afslutning.

Medvirkende: Anders Kjær og anonym hvid sydafrikansk mand.

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