Interview with a white South African farmer – (21-03-2018)

En hvid farmer i Sydafrika deler her med os, hvordan det er at være en hvid farmer i Sydafrika i dag.

A white farmer in South Africa shares with us the experience of being a white farmer in South Africa today.

0:00 Velkomst og introduktion af hovedperson.
1:45 How do you experience South Africa today?
3:15 Is this going on in the whole of South Africa?
4:23 Any personal experience with crime?
6:43 Are the farm murders racially based?
9:43 Gun control in South Africa.
11:14 Economic situation and squatter camps in South Africa.
20:31 Are white people willing to fight for their country?
22:02 Is it possible to get out of South Africa?
28:22 Is it possible not to pay your taxes?
30:40 How is the police and military in South Africa?
37:58 The different ethnicities and groups in South Africa.
49:30 Why did the white people give their country away in 1994?
1:03:52 Thoughts on Donald Trump?
1:13:10 Orania and white Rhodesians in South Africa.
1:21:20 What should the West do about South Africa?
1:27:32 How do you and your husband make a living?
1:36:52 What sort of income would you need to survive?
1:39:57 Afslutning.

Medvirkende: Anders Kjær, Anders Bruun Nørring og anonym hvid sydafrikansk kvinde.

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