Interview with Seaxwulf – (03/04/21)

Interviewet er på Engelsk.

0:00 Introduction of our guest.
4:05 The history of New England.
21:58 Blacks in New England.
28:17 Post-industrial New England.
43:57 Dissident politics in New England and the story of our guest.
1:08:06 The Mannerbund.
1:36:28 Paganism.
2:05:19 Feminism and political strategy.
2:23:11 Closing comments.

Medvirkende: Seaxwulf og Anders Kjær.

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6 thoughts on “Interview with Seaxwulf – (03/04/21)”

  1. Very encouraging to hear that ‘Trad wife’ is a real thing and not just a meme.
    I don’t agree that Denmark is behind Amerika when it comes to cultural marxism. I believe Denmark was the first country to perform a sex-change operation, legalize pornography and accept gay marriage.

  2. You know it’s funny, I read about that in 2005 when I was still in highschool. I think you’re right. That was in the back of my mind, but maybe I was too hasty saying so. Maybe a better way to say was the Agenda seems to have originated from America as a nucleus. I’m sure everyone agrees and amplifies at different rates.

    In my parts, I can take a ride out to the Styx and in a town with a population of less than 1,000 see handpainted BLM signs – with no black lives around to matter. So, I guess on some levels, it’s hard to imagine anything cuckier.

    Of course, I’m biased by distance and my extremely limited ability to get a feel for Danish political climes from where I stand.

    But yes, the Tradwife thing is real. It’s online in a big way, but my wife keeps contact with a number of women who want to life a more traditional life; learn grandma’s recipes, get away from all the plastic, be at home, retake White holidays – that sort of thing. Still a minority, but a growing one.

    1. I’ll make a Facebook post with your comment if you don’t mind. I’m Lars Agerbæk on FB.

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