Interview with Stephen McNallen – (24/05/20)

Interviewet er på engelsk.

0:00 Introductions.
1:43 The beginning of Asatru and the cultural revolution at that time.
10:25 How did and does non-Asatru people treat you and people like you?
16:52 The folkish aspect of Asatru and the other European pagan religions.
26:36 The relationship between folkish and universalistic Asatru.
49:49 What is this religion exactly?
1:09:43 Who are the gods?
1:23:52 Personal supernatural experiences.
1:44:22 How does one worship the gods?
1:55:52 Social values and evangelizing.
2:05:26 Is Asatru growing in popularity?
2:15:53 Asatru clergy and rites of passage.
2:27:57 Asatru hofs and charity.
2:34:29 The end.

Medvirkende: Stephen McNallen, Sigtyr og Anders Kjær.

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14 thoughts on “Interview with Stephen McNallen – (24/05/20)”

  1. Det kunne være interessant med et interview fra en af de universalistiske asatru

  2. Jeg kunne godt tænke mig et afsnit med Rasmus Paludan igen. Anklagemyndigheden vil nemlig have at han kommer i fængsel. Hovedgrunden er at høre Paludan fortælle hans side af sagerne (som ikke kan findes i løgnepresen)

    Så kan han også give hans syn på BLM DK og fortælle om den muggi som ville dræbe ham med kniv. Især Paludans egen side af de 14 sager som Anklagemyndigheden vil have ham fængslet for, er noget som jeg gerne vil høre.

  3. Hiya, was referred this podcast (with good words about the host too) by a fellow blogger.

    It’s wonderful that McNallen is still giving interviews, and it’s a shame he doesn’t get more renown for his work. I wouldn’t be where I am without him. Thanks for posting this, and in English to boot so this Yankee can understand!

    As to the Universalist interview, it would be quite a thing to trick one into coming on. In my experience they do not like to leave the safety of protected comment sections on YouTube. Anywho, thanks again!

    1. Yes he is an interesting fellow. Very friendly and forthcoming as well. It’s also quite fascinating to see how large and professional Asatru Folk Assembly has grown today. If you stick to something and keep going then one day you might have helped create something tangible and serious. That’s very motivating.

      Yes that would be interesting. We have some in Denmark. I think if you present yourself well, that you might have a good chance to get an interview with some of their leaders.

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